Classes 1-4: IQRA Day on Sunday 19th February, 2017

Dear Parents,

Salaamun Alaykum,

Following on from the success and enthusiasm for last year's IQRA day, our next IQRA Day will be on Sunday 19th February, 2017.

We ask that you send your children with their favourite Islamic story book and if they want to, they can dress up as their favourite character - please bear in mind that children should not dress up as any of the 14 Ma'sumeen (AS).

The children will then be asked to give a short summary on their books in their classes, so please could you prepare them for this.

If you require an Islamic book, you can also visit the Children's Islamic Library in the Annexe building at Stanmore Islamic Centre, and terms and conditions for usage of the library as well as opening hours can be found here (

We sincerely hope you will support us in this noble venture for the children’s upliftment.