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The two main functions of the Parent Consultation Board are:

a) To act as a liaising body between Parents and Madressa Administration
b) To plan and coordinate activities that will foster effective parental involvement in the Madressa

Duties would include:

  • Attending relevant Madressa meetings
  • Presenting the view point of parents to Madressa Administration
  • Communicating relevant information to parents as required
  • Planning and coordinating events such as Sports Day, fundraising activities and others
  • Being a critical friend offering support and advice
  • Helping Madressa respond to the needs of children, parents and the wider community
  • Working with Madressa on planning, target setting, developing policies and evaluating provision


 img mumtazhemraj
Mumtaz Hemraj Panjwani


 img abbasalirashid
Vice Chairman
Abbasali Rashid


 img asifapradhan
Asifa A Pradhan


 img faiyaznurmohamed
Team Member
Faiyaz Nurmohamed
 img sharminpirbhai
Team Member
Sharmin Pirbhai
img aaliyamavani
Team Member
Aaliya Mavani

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