Managing Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Policy Management for 2017

Following its successful pilot in 2016, the Behaviour management policy is being implemented as part of madressa policy in order to reward positive behaviour and manage negative behaviour effectively.

Positive Behaviour:

Positive akhlaq will earn green cards for actions such as:


  • Demonstrating helpful behaviour – helping peers, carrying bags, helping with furniture, sharing, etc.
  • Actively participating in lesson
  • Demonstrating supportive behaviour towards peers, e.g. encouraging participation
  • Exceptional piece of work
  • Taking an initiative: e.g. clearing up rubbish that doesn't belong to them

Negative Behaviour:

Negative behaviour will result in either a yellow or red card issued by a teacher. When a teacher has repeatedly given clear instructions for a student to stop an unacceptable behaviour, and the student continues their inappropriate behaviour, a yellow card may be issued:

  • Talking while others are talking (teacher or students) during lesson
  • Being disrespectful to others (teacher or student)/ disruptive / boisterous
  • Misusing Madressa property (e.g. writing on tables )
  • Unauthorised use of electronic gadget – teachers to confiscate the gadget and hand to Madressa office. Parent/Guardian to collect from office

Redcards will be issued for repeating of any yellow card offence twice in a day.

Straight red cards may also be issued for the following offences:

  • Picture3Bullying
  • Swearing
  • Fighting
  • Intentionally missing a lesson or Salaah (Bunking)
  • Inappropriate language towards any member of Madressa
  • Any other offence as deemed inappropriate by the Madressa Administration


Our vision at SIM is nurturing a community of students that exhibit the features of the Ahlul Bayt (AS). Therefore, our teachers will make every effort to provide an environment in which children can learn successfully by using effective classroom management techniques, setting clear expectations and providing engaging and varied lessons.

Only as a last resort, will the teacher manage children’s behaviour through the behaviour management system as per the procedure below:

  • Repeated verbal warnings
  • 1st offence – First Yellow Card: Admin will inform parents through the parent portal
  • 2nd offence – Second Yellow Card the same day and hence Red card: Admin will inform parents through the parent portal and parent called in the same day if possible to discuss the matter
  • Straight Red Card: Student sent to office and parents will be called in the same day if possible
  • Three yellow cards at separate occasions – Parents will be invited for a discussion to discuss the child’s behaviour and how to work together towards a positive resolution
  • Two red cards in one term: Possible suspension for the remainder of the term or any other resolution that may deemed appropriate by the administration