Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

The below guidelines have been formulated with the intention of ensuring that all students are able to freely engage and participate within a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) without fear of reprisal or any violation of their personal reputation and/or information.

In order to ensure that students who are conducting discussions outside of the Madressa within a VLE are doing so in a manner which is both safe and secure, the following guidelines of Madressa must be adhered to by all:

  1. Treat all involved with respect and courtesy
  2. Utilise the VLE to share opinions, thoughts and ideas as well as respect other peoples perspectives
  3. Any type / form of abuse towards any individual or others will not be tolerated
  4. Spamming or any other mails not relevant to learning or discussions will not be permitted
  5. As a VLE is considered as an extension of the Madressa classroom, students are reminded that the same ‘Classroom Rules’ and ‘Behaviour Policy’ will also apply (please refer to the student manual for these)

Failure to adhere to any of these guidelines will potentially result in the sanction and immediate removal of the student from the VLE. In addition to this, at the discretion of the Madressa administration the student may be subject to further measures depending on the severity of the incident.

We trust however, that no measures should ever need to be taken as our students will always conduct themselves with the best of Akhlaq (moral conduct / etiquette).