Volunteer Weekly Updates – 15-Apr-2016

Global Product Committee
Friday 15 April, 2016
7 Rajab 1437
Dear Respected Volunteers,
Salaamun Alaykum

In this week's communications:
  • Madressa Summer Timetable
  • Important: DBS Completion
  • Recruiting New Teachers and Assistants
  • HED - A Moral British Society
  • Feature: A Rabbi Visited Class 10 at SIM
  • Training Safeguarding Level 1
  • Sadaqa Day is a Great Success!
  • Darul Qur'an Awareness Seminar
  • HIS: New Course on Ghaybat-e-Sugra
  • External Message: SJ and Flash Talks
Madressa Summer Timetable  
The S I Madressa Classes 5-10 will be operating on the Summer Timetable effective as of Sunday 17th April, 2016. 

To review the Summer Timetable please visit the 'Class Timetable' on our website.

Salah will now be at 1:00PM - 1:30PM (at the end of the day).
Important: DBS Completion  
One of the core requirements for every Madressa volunteer is to have a valid DBS record. As we process submissions and update our records please ensure that you have completed your DBS form online and submitted your evidence to the Madressa Office.

If you have not completed your DBS please visit https://www.madressa.net/dbs-information and follow the steps to complete your application ASAP.

By law, we must ensure all our volunteers have gone through the DBS Process.

Please note: You may have already completed the DBS Process for another organisation/institution or prior to January 2016.

However, for the S I Madressa you must complete the DBS Process again, as per the instructions above (an online application).

Should you have any questions please email admin@madressa.net
Recruiting New Teachers and Assistants  

The S I Madressa is always looking for volunteers who can spare a few hours on Sundays.

Please reach out to your friends and family and if they can assist in any way please request that they complete our Teacher Volunteer Form by clicking here.

Higher Education - A Moral British Society  
Training Safeguarding Level 1  
The S I Madressa administration is always taking steps to ensure all our volunteers comply fully with training and safeguarding as required.

We would like to request all volunteers to complete Level 1 of Child Protection Training. This can be done right from the comfort of your own home!

Please visit http://www.harrowlscb.co.uk/lscb-e-learning-course/ and download the learning material. Once you have completed the quiz and emailed it to the email address you will be sent a certificate of completion.

Once you have received your certificate please notify admin@madressa.net that you have completed Level 1 of the training.
Feature: A Rabbi Visits Class 10 at SIM!  
Class 10 Akhlaq Class invited Rabbi Lister to conduct a class and engage with students. Read the report from one of our teachers, Br. Imran Chatoo, below.

The students of class 10B had a great discussion with Rabbi Lister as part of their Morals, Ethics and History lesson on Sunday 28th February 2016. 

This all stemmed from the "Akhlaq Day" suggestion by Br. Shiraz and Sr. Farhana last year. A female teacher, Sukaina Ashikali, and myself discussed practical ideas as to what we could do to promote an activity, which tested and demonstrated the Akhlaq of our students in action. One of the ideas was to create greater links between ourselves and other faith groups. This proved to be challenging for various reasons but a Jewish colleague at work recommended Rabbi Lister who is based in Edgware.

The Rabbi discussed the basics of Jewish beliefs to the students of class 10b and highlighted the similarities between both religions. For example he talked about Jews establishing prayer three times a day and blessing Allah (SWT) before commencing an act such as eating. He also discussed the practice and strictness of the Day of Sabbath, which the students were intrigued about and asked a lot of questions on. My expectation was certainly exceeded and I was very impressed with the respect that the students showed to the Rabbi. I was also impressed with Akhlaq that they demonstrated in their questioning despite not fully understanding some of the Jewish concepts.

As the teacher, I had to do very little facilitation and largely observed a great debate between the Rabbi and the students unfold. I was very proud of the maturity and empathy demonstrated by the students. They conducted themselves in a manner which befits Madressa's Mission Statement of creating "role models and embassadors of Islam". The Rabbi was equally impressed and relayed his gratitude at being invited to the centre.

I must stress that I had discussions with the Rabbi and students beforehand to reiterate that the purpose of the talk was not to discuss politics but to determine similarities between Judaism and Islam and strengthen relations. Alhamdulilah, it worked beautifully.

InshaAllah, I am keen to invite scholars of other faiths in future. I am confident that it can serve to test the students Akhlaq in terms of respecting the faith of others even if they disagree with aspects of it.  But also, and arguably more importantly, develop their confidence to convey the love they have for their own religion and the great importance that Islam places on the way they treat others through their Akhlaq.

Once again thank you to Admin for your open mindedness and encouragement to pursue such opportunities. I am very fortunate to be part of such a forward thinking organisation.

Sadaqa Day is a Great Success!  
Alhamdulillah the Sadaqa Day held at the S I Madressa in conjunction with other organisations, was a great success! Together, we collected a total of 1021kg of donated food, suppporting 68 families that cannot afford enough to eat. Thank you to all our students, parents, and teachers for their amazing support!

Darul Qur'an Awareness Seminar  
External Message:
HIS: New Course on Ghaybat-e-Sugra
The Hujjat Islamic Studies Classes will insh'Allah begin a new module on Ghaybat-e-Sugra on Tuesday 19th April, 2016. The course will be taught by Sheikh Abbas Jaffer.

If you are interested please complete the registration form by clicking here.
External Message:
SJ: Flash Talks - Public Speaking Training
The Stanmore Jafferys are offering one-to-one coaching and training for public speaking, guaranteeing a 10 minute slot to deliver a talk during the Hujjat programmes. RSVP by visiting jafferys.org/flashtalks

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