Weekly Updates – 10th February, 2017

Global Product Committee
Friday 10 February 2017
12 Jamadi Al Ula 1438
Dear Parents/Guardians,
Salaamun Alaykum

In this week's communications:
  • Final Call! - Join the Student Leadership Team!
  • Traffic Safety Reminder - MUST READ!
  • A Reminder of Timely Arrival
  • Class 5-7 Pick-up Reminder
  • #FillMyCup Campaign
  • SJFA - BEDS 2017 Finalist - Vote NOW
Final Call! - Join the Student Leadership Team!

As a student, do you want to:
- influence how the Madressa operates?
-  shape future initiatives?
- further your own personal growth and development?

Join the Student Leadership Team, and be the voice of difference!

Click here to read more details and complete the application.
Traffic Safety Reminder  

We would like to remind parents to ensure safe drop-off and pick-up of your children at Northwood school on Sundays. 

Please follow instructions from volunteers in ensuring your child gets out of the car and makes their way to the pavement in a safe manner. Do not stop in the middle of the road to drop your child(ren), as oncoming traffic or motorcyclists passing from the side could cause accidents.

The road in front of the school is an extremely busy road at the best of times and we must ensure that we follow safety regulations at all times.

A Reminder of Timely Arrival  
We still see a steady stream of parents arriving late which causes not only a congestion in the main reception but a significant delay to join the class and also disruption to the class itself.
Parents are requested to allow enough time for the journey to Madressa considering the usual traffic congestion to ensure children are dropped off before 10:00am.

Side gates will be closed at 10:00am sharp.
Class 5-7 Pick-up Reminder  
Just a reminder for students in Classes 5-7:

Students are to be picked up at the same area as class 4. If authorised by parent in writing to the Madressa (admin@madressa.net), they may leave the site unattended or with an older sibling.
#FillMyCup Campaign  
Have you ever sent your child to madrasah without their breakfast or a packed lunch? Do you remember the effect skipping just one meal had on them? How they were unable to concentrate in class or fully immerse themselves in the lessons that day?

This happens to 23 million primary school children across Africa, who have to attend school hungry most days.

Without at least one healthy meal a day, children cannot concentrate, their motivation and general behaviour is affected, which in turn has a negative impact on their academic performance. That is why we, at The World Federation, initiated and continue to run the Fill My Cup Appeal.

For over five years, we have been providing over 4,000 students in East Africa with a hot cup of porridge for breakfast. We have seen that children in this program are happier and a lot more energised and able to focus in the classroom. We would like you to share this joy with your children as well. Teaching our young generation to reach out and help their brothers and sisters across the world will help us nurture empathy and philanthropy in the next and future generations, insha'Allah.

1. Ask your child(ren) to decorate a paper cup.

This cup is more than just a simple, disposable container. We'd like you to help your son/daughter see this as a symbol of their contribution and connection to the children they will be helping. In their minds, let this cup be a representation of every cup they would like to 'fill' for a child who desperately needs just that one, healthy meal a day.

We would like your child to decorate this cup in any way they desire, to write a message on it and sign it with their name as well as the label: #FillMyCup.

2. Fill the Cup with Donations
They then need to fill up the cup with whatever donations they can acquire over the week.

2. Bring the Cup with the Donations to Madressa on Sunday 19th February, 2017
We will be collecting all the contributions towards the appeal on Sunday 19th February, 2017, at the Madressa. Please give your donations to your first lesson teacher.

Let us all join hands and hearts and make sure every child has the best chance at a decent education just as our children do!

Stanmore Jafferys Football Academy has been selected as finalist for the BEDSA 2017 Awards (British Ethnic Minority Diversity Sports Awards).
We have reached this stage with the support of the whole community and we are here humbly requesting this to be maintained all the way through the final stage in form of your vote in the public voting process.
Vote for SJFA: http://bedsa.co.uk/vote/  (public voting for this category is now open)
Twitter: @SJFA786
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