Weekly Updates – 20th January, 2017

Global Product Committee
Friday 20 January 2017
21 Rabi Al Thaani 1438
Dear SIM Volunteers,
Salaamun Alaykum

In this week's communications:
  • Teacher's Dress Code
  • Arrival and Parking
  • Student and Teacher Entrance
  • Food, Break Time, and Staff Rooms
  • ID Badges
  • WiFi Access for Teachers
  • Managing Behaviour Policy
  • Teacher Skills Programme
  • Spiritual Academies Network - Newsletter
Teacher's Dress Code

Within the Madressa, all staff must adhere strictly to the dress code, outlined below.


  • Trousers with a long-sleeve shirt, jumper or similar or a Khanzu


  • Loose, dark coloured, closed Abaya/Chadar and correctly observed Hijab
  • Make-up should not be visible
  • Nail varnish should not be worn
  • Minimal or discrete jewellery

Please click here to download the ruling of his Eminence, Al-Sayyid Al-Seestani (may Allah[swt] lengthen his life).

Please click here to view a guideline on Gender Interaction as per the guidance of Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi.

You are a role model for the students at the Madressa. They will observe how you dress, talk, and even communicate with other staff members and students. Be a positive influence and good example for our future leaders.

Arrival and Parking  

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to ensure you are not delayed by car parking and teacher registration.

Parking Guidelines

  • Teachers must display their badges clearly to be permitted parking inside. If badges are not displayed or have been forgotten, they will not be permitted inside the parking lot.
  • Teachers are highly encouraged to park outside if they can.
  • All staff members who arrive before 10:00am and are permitted into the car park, should go all the way around and park at the end on the right hand side so that the left is clear.
  • Parking Badges must be clearly displayed and visible at all times, including whilst parked.
Student and Teacher Entrance  
Please ensure you are aware of which gate your students will enter from. Classes 1-4 will line up with their teachers and will be escorted to their classes. Class 5+ teachers will not be escorting their students but must be in their classrooms by 9:55am at the latest.

'Left Gate' at the Back of the Building: Classes 1-3 and 5+ Girls

'Right Gate' next to the Sports Hall: Class 4 and 5+ Boys

All teachers are to enter from the main reception.
Food, Break Time, and Staff Rooms  

No food is to be consumed in classrooms by students or staff. Unfortunately we have already received feedback from the school that this was not adhered to last week. 

Please ensure that classrooms (for students of all ages) are NOT left unattended at any point in time. At break time, students are to be escorted from their classroom to the dining area and at Salaat time, students should be escorted to their respective Salaat areas and directed to Wudhu facilities as necessary.

Tea points are available in both the ladies (1st floor) and gents (2nd floor) staff rooms, if you cannot locate them, please ask, but kindly do not use another staff room.

​Staff rooms:

Ladies: Can use either the refectory (Room 060) on the ground floor or use the staff room on 1st floor (room ​112).

​Gents: To use the sixth form social room (Room ​218) only.
ID Badges  

ID badges will be handed out this week to all staff whose photos have been taken. If staff members have not had their photo taken, please come to reception this week.

Going forward, all adults on site must have an ID badge visible at all times - no exceptions. Any adult without an ID badge should be challenged and directed to reception to obtain one.

WiFi Access for Teachers  
The administration has communicated WiFi access details to your Heads of Department. Please contact them prior to Sunday if you require access so that they may share the network and login details with you.  
Managing Behaviour Policy  

Following its successful pilot in 2016, the Behaviour management policy is being implemented as part of madressa policy in order to reward positive behaviour and manage negative behaviour effectively.

For more details on GreenYellow, and Red cards that students can get, visit https://madressa.net/policies/akhlaq/managing-behaviour-policy

Teachers Skills Programme  

In conjunction with the Heads of Departments, the S I Madressa Management Team has committed to making 2017 a year of training where ALL staff members will undergo the TSP (Teachers Skills Programme) as a prerequisite to the new Tarbiyyah Curriculum that we intend to adopt from 2018, insh'Allah.

Our first training session is arranged on the 4th-5th of February, 2017 and the Micro teach on 11th February 2017 at Stanmore where an initial group of 24 teachers will undergo training.
Details of the TSP are outlined below and consist of two full day sessions (Saturday and Sunday) and a practical element session one week later (not a full day).

Details of the Programme

The TSP is a three day program facilitated by Sayyid Aliraza Naqvi who has completed his Cert Ed (PTTLS, DTTLS and CTTLS) and is currently completing his Masters in Education.

The modules covered in the first two days of the programme include:

  • Why teach?
  • Role and responsibility of a madrasah teacher
  • Planning and planning skills
  • Inclusive learning
  • Assessment
  • Reflective practice and personal journal

Day three focuses on micro-teaching where participants get the opportunity to practice the skills they have learnt in the first two days and get valuable feedback from their peers as well as the facilitator.

To be a part of the first 24 participants completing their training, please click here to complete the form. Please note that spaces are on a first-come first-serve basis. 


Spiritual Academies Network  
Click here to view the SAN (Spiritual Academies Network) January Newsletter with updates on Teacher Training, Safeguarding, Madrasah Leaders Training Retreat, and Curriculum Development.  
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Key Policies
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All Photocopy Requests must be submitted latest by Wednesday by completing the Photocopy Request Form. Late submissions will be accommodated on best efforts only.
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