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Friday 18 October, 2013 / 12 Dhul Hijjah 1434

Teachers Tip
Make sure you are always smiling in Class. The students will understand that you want to be there and enjoy teaching them.

Tareekh day (Classes 5-11)
All HoDs have already requested all staff to please try and attend and support the Tareekh department - please can all teachers try an attend albeit even for an hour and a half in the morning or in the afternoon.

- The aim of the Tareekh day is to create a learning environment where students are fed with information about our 14 Ma'sumeen through short, activity-based sessions. The theme is 'back to basics', since a high proportion of our students aren't aware of essential facts about our illustrious Ma'sumeen.

- There will be 14 stations set up, 7 in the gents and 7 in the ladies. One or two teachers will be in charge of running a station.

- Each station will run an activity that is designed to impart information about the particular group of Ma'sumeen, and students will use the information they've gained during the activity, and answer the questions on their worksheet.

- Each student will be given worksheet pack at the start of the day, for them to complete throughout the day.

- Students will move from one station to the next, every 20 minutes. Thus, there will 7 sessions in total, with two breaks in between.

- Students will be divided into their year groups. So, at any one time a station will have an entire year group to run the activity for. When the 20 minutes are up, the next year group comes in, and so on.

- Worksheets have been divided into three broad difficulty levels. Level 1 = class 5 and 6, Level 2 = class 7 and 8. Level 3 = class 9, 10 and 11.

- Teachers are requested to gather in the respective gents and ladies main halls at 9.30am.

Please click here to view the boys timetable, girls timetable, and the maps of where each station will be

Stanmore Car Parking Message

Please can all drivers note that during both the morning drop off and afternoon collection at Stanmore there is to be:
1. No dropping off children on Warren Lane as this is becoming an increasing safety concern with children having to cross the busy road in front of the Mosque. Additionally, it creates tail backs and traffics on Wood Lane and Warren Lane and is generally inconvenient to all other road users and our Car Park Volunteers

2. No turning around at the entrance to the Temple because it is inappropriate and inconsiderate to our neighbours who are also utilising their centre on a Sunday as well.
As always, your co-operation with our car park volunteers is appreciated.
HED: Ministry of Defence Crisis Management Workshop
A facilitator from the Ministry of Defence will be coming to work with students in classes 12-15 to demonstrate how government works when faced with a Crisis. For more details and information about the program please click here
Youth Crash Course on Islamic Beliefs
The S I Madressa is hosting a Youths Crash Course for youths between the ages of 15-19 on ‘ISLAMIC BELIEFS’ with Shaykh Mohammadali Shomali and Shaykh Isa Jahangir. The course will be on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of November, 2013 from 10:00AM – 2:00PM at Stanmore, Husaini Islamic Centre at a fee of £20.00 per child. To register your child’s interest, please click here or visit our website: www.madressa.net

 Registration Deadline is Sunday 20th October, 2013.

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