Enrolment for 2019 is open. All parents/guardians must complete the online application  to enrol new children into the Madressa.

The fees for the Academic Year 2019 is: £145.00 per child. You have the option to pay the full amount or subscribe over 9 months.

Minimum Age Criteria: Children must have reached the age of 4 before 1 September of the preceding year in order to be eligible enrol. As an example, for a child aiming to be enrolled into the 2019 academic year, they must have reached the age of 4 before 1 September 2018.

IMPORTANT: Please read our admissions policy before enrolling or re-enrolling your child into the Madressa. Please view this in conjunction with our Attendance & Absence Policy as well as our other policies which can be found in our Policies section.

Admission and Educational Policy regarding Learning Support (LS) / Special Education Needs (SEN) students

The Madressa is committed to increasing the opportunities for pupils with LS/SEN (Special educational needs) to experience a quality mainstream Islamic education with their peers.

Click here to read the full policy.