Dear Parents & Guardians

Salaamun Alaykum

I warmly welcome you all parents and students to the Shia Ithna’asheri Madressa.

Our institution has come a long way since 1985 when we first opened our doors. We are proud, that 35 years later, some of our current teachers are amongst those who were teaching at that time when the institution was founded, as well as some of our former students who began their journey with the Madressa all those years ago, are today serving as volunteers.

We believe they all embody our core values of Respect, Integrity, Gratitude and Servitude and this is what we aim to demonstrate through every aspect of the Madressa so that the next generation can carry this forward.

Today, as a parent or student, you can look forward to receiving an Islamic Education that is based on the scholarly reviewed Tarbiyah curriculum courtesy of the WF Madrasah Centre of Excellence.

‘Tarbiyah’ is translated roughly as ‘nurture’, and in this context, the aim is to seek to nurture the character and spiritual development of our students. The Madressa was built on the foundation to “Teach by actions rather than words” and we continue to strive on this path with the understanding that “learning has not taken place, until behaviour changes” (reference: Dr Akber Mohamedali).

In addition to this, the Madressa has developed its own unique approach towards understanding and learning from the Qura’n. Recitation with an understanding of the meanings is focussed on heavily in the earlier years and is then supplemented with Qura’n appreciation in the senior years to help develop a love and affinity towards the Qura’n.

Over the course of each year the Madressa also will seek to impart various extra-curricular activities where possible and also to engage with parents at critical junctures in their child’s development.

It is vital that parents engage with the Madressa and follow up on the learnings at home. Mawlana Rizvi, from Canada, noted that “Children will learn about Islam at Madressa, but live Islam at home.” If the values, ethos and understanding that the Madressa seeks to impart is not being reinforced at home then we will be restricted in our collective success to raise confident, well rounded and a righteous generation of young people who will serve as ambassadors of Islam to a world that needs true Muslims to stand tall and proud.

I pray that during the course of this year, each and every family will see an increase in knowledge and understanding of our wonderful religion and that together, the Madressa, students and parents, we can collectively work towards realising our vision to “Learn, Love, Live”.

At Madressa we are here to learn and we wish to inspire life-long learning for all who walk through our doors.

As we are learning about our faith we aim to inspire and foster within us love for Allah and His creation.

We will have truly learnt the message of Islam once we have found a way to live it because Islam is practical and can be put into action at every moment in our lives.

May this year be both spiritually fulfilling and intellectually fruitful for all and do remember to keep us all in your prayers as you will be in ours.

Maisam Jaffer


Shia Ithna’asheri Madressa