Student Leadership Team

Student Leadership Team for 2018.

We want to thank all students that applied for the passion, enthusiasm and dedication for the process, plus for parents & family for the part they played in preparation for the process.

Where more than one name is listed below, the first student will be Class President for half of the year whilst the second student will be Vice President. Half way through the year, they will switch roles. This will allow additional support to the President should they not be able to attend a meeting.

Whats next?

We plan to have our first student leadership meeting in the coming weeks and we look forward to sharing with each of you the outputs from this process.


Girls Team

Boys Team

Class 5A1
Zahra Mavani
Fatema Rashid
Class 5B1
Shakir Moledina
Muhammad Ali Mehdi
Class 5A2
Aaliya Zahra Fazel
Asiyah Mohamedali Datoo
Class 5B2
Mohammed Kumail Dossa
Uzayr Mawjee
Class 6A1
Ruqayya Hassanali
Zahra Dhirani
Class 6B1
Reza Nabulsi
Miqdad Kassam
Class 6A2
Sahar Ahmed
Kauthar Massoud
Class 6B2
Ali Mehdi Abbas Ismail
Sajjad Husayn Kanani
Class 7A
Hanaan Fatemah Merali
Malika Mulji
Class 7B1
Adam Hasan
Jaabir Walji
Class 8A1
Aroush Malik
Saniyya Zehra Moledina
Class 7B2
Taha Rashid
Class 8A2
Imaan Fatima Jeganathan
Zainab Naeem
Class 8B1
Sajjad Hussain Nathani
Mohamedmahdi Janmohamed
Class 9A1 Class 9B
Husayn Yahya Merali
Kazimali Abbas Ismail
Mujahid Ali Hussain
Jameel Walji
Class 9A2
Zahra Ali
Aliyah Iman Ali
Zahida Tejani
Class 10A
Zahrah Allibhai
Farwah Ali
Sumayya Manji
Malika Gulamhusein
Class 10B1
Ali Asghar Juma
Mudatheer Mandan
Class 10B2
Zain Abbas Dungersi
Kumail Merali
Class 11A
Ayman Mugloo
Class 11B
Owais Mawjee
Abbasali Gulamhussein