Dress Code

Vector Muslim Kids

Within the Madressa, all students must adhere strictly to the dress code, outlined below. All students must observe modest dressing.

Reception – Class 3:


Although girls are not Baligh when they start Class 1, we would like to encourage all girls from Class 1 to wear appropriate modest clothing, their arms and legs should be covered, and they must wear a scarf.


  • Trousers with smart shirt, jumper or similar

Classes 4+:


  • Loose, dark coloured, closed Abaya/Chadar and correctly observed Hijab (covering the hair and neck)
  • Make-up should not be visible
  • Nail varnish should not be worn
  • Minimal or discrete jewellery


  • Trousers with long-sleeve shirt, jumper or similar
  • No shorts, jewellery (i.e. earrings) or hats (aside from Muslim prayer hats) / hoods.
  • If wearing tops with print or images, these must not be inappropriate, bearing in mind the sanctity of our institution.

Children may be outside during break, therefore please ensure appropriate clothing is worn e.g. jackets. (Please make sure all jackets are labelled with your child’s full name).