Higher Education at SIM

SIM is pleased to offer a full two year Higher Education Programme for students entering Class 11.

The primary aim of the provision offered in Higher Education Department (HED)  will be to strengthen the faith of our youth, making them confident capable followers of the Ahlul Bayt who are able to comfortably articulate their faith within the wider context of British Society.

HED will aim to address the needs of this critical age group by providing a safe platform where pupils can ask questions, express their opinions and discuss and debate with their peers on a wide range of topics affecting them today.  Learners will gain a deeper understanding of Islam and how it is woven into the fabric of their being.

The overall structure of the programme will remain the same as previous years, with classroom based learning during the first half of the day followed by HED auditorium sessions where external speakers are invited to share their knowledge in an interactive and engaging manner, ensuring that the learning is both relevant and applicable.

This classroom based lessons will be derived from the Tarbiyya Curriculum, the AQA GCSE material, as well as other suitable resources as appropriate.

We will also endeavour to facilitate field days in order to enable our young learners to demonstrate faith in action.