Learning Support Department

The Learning Support Department was born out of parents’ wishes that students with additional needs, be integrated into mainstream classes as they often are in schools, but with 1:1 support.

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Here is a brief insight on the department:

We have children with varies needs ranging from low/mild needs to those who have complex needs.

To ensure that we keep up with the growth and the needs of our community we are need urgent need of  volunteers both male and female. The need for male volunteers is needed to assist older boys to ensure that they have understood what the teacher requires from them and if they have grasped any new concepts . We ensure that the children are given differentiated worksheets that they can work from that meets their individual needs when needed.

The Head of Learning Support works closely with the teachers and parents to identify the children’s needs and every week produce worksheets that these children can follow in class , all the children are fully involved in class activities. Where possible we try to ensure that the children have the same Learning Support assistant on a weekly basis.

Children who have more complex needs are assisted by Learning Support assistants who have been there for some time.

Support will be provided to each Learning Support assistant, what we really require is someone who is friendly , committed and reliable to basically sit with the children and assist them in anything they would find difficult much as a teaching assistant would do in a regular school.

The Learning Support team is a friendly team who support each other and the Head of the Learning Support team is also on hand to provide any support that is needed. It really is a blessing to work with these children, most of the time all that is needed is some practical hands on support and a friendly smile to boost the children’s confidence . To summarise we desperately need volunteers to help with the children in writing things down , getting involved in class discussions and checking that they understand what has been taught in class.

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