LS: Parent Testimonials

Our daughter has been under the care of Madressa’s learning support department for over two years. She was diagnosed with a health condition three years ago and later with mild dyslexia. Although we did not request extra support the LS department felt it would benefit her. How correct they were. 

Since then our daughter has thrived and has very much enjoyed Sunday’s at Madressa. Her understanding, confidence and self esteem has greatly improved. The Madressa team have all been superb. The LS department have kept us informed of our daughter’s progress both academically and emotionally. Always there to help and answer all our queries. I cannot thank them enough. 

May Allah bless the whole team eternally. 

My Son has very complex needs and there were times when as a family  we felt very alone as we could not attend majlis with him as we felt he would have no understanding  and maybe would not be accepted by the community, even though it was not Wajib for my son to do anything such as pray, we wanted to do all we could for him Islamically speaking. The LS department welcomed us with open arms and gave us support.

When my son left Madrassa he was able to recite 7 Surahs, perform Salat and know the names of all the imams, including  knowing the names of Allah. For a child who has limited vocabulary this is a huge achievement and it is the best feeling in the world to see my son join us during Salat time. I do not have the words to thank the LS team for all their support .

My child is under receiving  support.under LS in Madressa for 4 years now. The nurturing environment provided for him has made him from a shy/ withdrawn child to a happy confident one.

He is accessing the madressa curriculum well with the strategies placed for him. Our duas for the LS team, they are doing an amazing job!
My son would come home and not be able to tell me what he learnt in Madressa, not even the topic that was covered! Alhamd since he has had support not only can he tell me the topic that was covered but some detail also!

I attended a couple of Madaris in search for an institute that could accommodate my daughters needs. It was only when I arrived at SIM that I found what I was thought was needed for my daughter- a learning support department that would provide inclusion of my daughter in mainstream classes.

The learning support at SIM has a team of some qualified and compassionate individuals who provide in class one to one assistance to students with learning difficulties through out Madressa.

My daughter has been very lucky to have been blessed by individuals who nurtured her spiritual and social growth. She has learnt most of her Wajibat- including her Salah, can read the Quran and is a valued member of Madressa.

She enjoys Madressa and gets upset on days she’s absent.

I am really grateful to SIMs learning support department and pray they continue to blossom in order to nurture those who need them most.