‘Class 10: What Next?’ Information Event

Dear Respected Parents/Guardians,

‎With Allah’s grace, your child is soon to complete class 10 at Madressa, a milestone in their journey of learning the values of their faith which we hope they will live by for the rest of their lives. Your encouragement, support and assistance were vital to making this happen, may Allah bless you for this.

Some of you may be wondering whether this is the end of their Madr‎essa education. Currently, at the S I Madressa, we cater for their needs beyond this and having completed class 10 your child will be eligible to join the Higher Education Department at Madressa. But can we do more?

This Sunday, 26th November 2017, we want to hear from you. We are inviting you to a Higher Education Information Event where we’d like your contribution and to hear what you feel are the core needs of your child(ren) at the age they will be at. What can the Madressa do for your children?

Please RSVP below. The event will be held at 10:10am in the Auditorium at Northwood School (Map It)

Your child has worked hard throughout their Madressa studies to get to this level and we want to welcome them back to Madressa in January 2018 to benefit from and contribute to the nurturing of our community.

With Salams & Du’as

Sajjad Govani