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Eligibility for your child to join the Higher Education Department

Dear Respected Parents/Guardians,
Re: Eligibility for your child to join the Higher Education Department (HED)

‎With Allah’s grace, your child is soon to complete class 10 at Madressa, a milestone in their journey of learning the values of their faith which we hope they will live by for the rest of their lives. Your encouragement, support and assistance were vital to making this happen, may Allah bless you for this.

Some of you may be wondering whether this is the end of their Madr‎essa education. Fortunately, at S I Madressa, we cater for their needs beyond this and having completed class 10 your child will be eligible to join the Higher Education Department at Madressa.

Recognising the needs of the inquisitive young mind in an energetic body and has unbridled optimism for their future paths, the offering ensures that the next two years focus on accommodating Islamic learning in a different manner.

Subject matter experts from differing fields ‎from doctors to journalists, Islamic Scholars to historians, linguists to entrepreneurs conduct workshops to both talk about they live their faith in their professional lives to worship Allah through what they do at work and benefit the creation of Allah in their endevours.

The presenters are tasked with helping the students think critically through real life scenarios to show how their values make them better able to understand themselves, strengthen their relationship with Allah (swt) and serve humanity.

The sessions affirm their learning to date and help the learners apply ‎it in their daily lives to accomplish their ambitions in life aided by their strong values. The guiding principles from the Holy ‎Qur’an and the lives of the Ahlul bayt (as)‎.

As an optional offering, your child will be coached to sit the Religious Studies paper from the AQA examination board in May/June 2018. With Allah’s grace, most of our students at Madressa who have sat the paper score an A* or A grade. ‎

Your child may taken part in some of these sessions such as the award winning Model UN team that has been running at Madressa for over a year now. Our delegation are supported in their training for critical thinking, public speaking drafting and negotiating resolutions and lobbying to think solutions to real life issues such as global warming to slum dwellers and access to healthcare.

‎You, your child and their friend have been invited to participate in the Imams the Teachers of our tradition session with Dr Chris Hewer on the 20th November from 10:00am – 1:00pm. This session is part of the National Interfaith Week where students at HED are hosting the renowned Christian theologian to explore values from the lives of our Imams that benefit humanity at large. Friends of all faith and none as well as religious studies teachers from local schools have been invited to join us in conversation to recognise the Imams leaders for humantiy and understand better how their lessons are relevant to all today.

Your child has worked hard throughout their Madressa studies to get to this level and be eligible to join the Higher Education Department and I hope to welcome them back to Madressa in January 2017 to benefit from and contribute to the activities on offer.

If you have any further questions, Mukhtar Karim, the head of department for this section will be happy to assist. Please e-mail hed@madressa.net with your question for response.

Best wishes
Sajjad Govani
S I Madressa