Frequently Asked Questions

I am re-enrolling my child into the Madressa (i.e. they are already a student), what should I do?

Follow our guide for re-enrolling an existing student which can be found here and ensure fees are paid by 30 November 2017 to guarantee a space in Madressa next year.​ Fees not paid by this time could result in your child being added on to our waiting list.

At what age does the Madressa accept children to enrol?

Children must have reached the age of 4 before 1 September of the preceding year in order to be eligible enrol. Essentially if your child has started their Reception class in school, they can also enrol in Madressa. As an example, for a child aiming to be enrolled into the 2018 academic year, they must have reached the age of 4 before 1 September 2017.

I am enrolling my child into Madressa for the first time, what do I need to do?

​Follow our guide for enrolling a new student which can be found here. You do not need to pay any fees until your application has been approved, and you can expect to hear from us in January regarding this.

I would like to request that my child joins a specific class to be with friends, family or I would like to request a specific teacher to teach them, can I do this?

Whilst we understand parental anxieties regarding their child settling into Madressa this is unfortunately not possible. In our experience children settle in well within the first 2-4 weeks of joining and often being set apart from family members / friends encourages children to build a broader circle. In specific circumstances we may look at changing their class on recommendation from the class teacher and the specific head.

I am unable to afford settling the full fees, what should I do?

The Madressa does not intend to cause hardship on any family. Parents can settle fees over a 9 month period using Paypal subscribe, the option for which is available at the time of fee payment. This works out to £15 per month for 9 months.

Alternatively, if that is not possible we can agree a personal payment plan to settle the fees over a longer period of time or there are other options available. If you would like to discuss this further please pop in on a Sunday and speak with us or email us with your contact details and we can call you at a convenient time.

I am on the waiting list, what should I do?

Unfortunately the Madressa is limited in terms of both space and human resources. We therefore have an extensive waiting list and parents are advised in the first instance to explore other options such as Hujjat Saturday Workshop (Stanmore) and Husayni Madrasah (North Harrow). There may be other Madressas in the vicinity which we are unaware and we would encourage parents to look online and discuss with other parents. The Madressa will contact parents with children on the waiting list as soon as a space arises

Does the Madressa cater for children with special needs?

Yes, within our capacities we can cater for children with special needs. If your child has special please enrol them and ensure you provide as much details as possible in the SEN section of the application form. Early in January someone from our special needs department will be in touch to discuss your child’s needs and if we can cater for your child we will enrol them into their class.

Does the Madressa prioritise applications in any way?

Yes, we have an admission policy which can be found here.

Can I find out the position my child is on the waiting list?

Our waiting list, per our policy (please click here for the policy) reviews various factors and is dynamic therefore we cannot provide a precise number where your child sits in the waiting list as that could be subject to change. We can however provide you with details of how many children are waiting for entry to a particular year in order to give you an indication of the length of time it may take to receive a space at Madressa. Please note, we can only allocate a space in Madressa to a new student if an existing student departs and therefore once a year group is full, it can take a long time for a space to materialise. We constantly review our waiting list on a regular basis and will inform parents as soon as a space materialises.

I am a member of KSIMC of London but have not paid my membership fees, what is my status in your admission policy?

We verify all members are paid up prior to enrolling new children into the Madressa, so if you haven’t paid your KSIMC fees, please settle that outstanding amount, else your application will fall into the non-member category.

Can I enrol my child at any point in the calendar year?

We will accept applications for children to begin Madressa up until 22nd of July of the current academic year based on the availability of both space and resources. Please visit our admissions page for details on how to enrol within this time period.