Fun Day 2019

Salaamun Alaykum

Insha’Allah Sunday 15th December will be the last day of the 2019 Academic Year at the Madressa.

Madressa has organised a fun day for all the students (Class 1 to Class 11) which will be taking place in Salt Hill Activity Centre.

Salt Hill Activity Centre has the following activities for all children aged 5+:

– Bowling

– Trampoline Park

– Caving

– High Ropes

– Soft Play

Please click here  for more details.

On arrival, students will be requested to choose 2 activities that they would like to undertake within their hour time slot. These activities will be allocated on a first come, first served basis

The address to  is: Bath Road, Slough SL1 3SS

Cost per Student: £6

Eligibility: Only Madressa students are eligible to participate due to limited space. Siblings who are non-Madressa students cannot participate unfortunately.

Timings *UPDATED*

Children in all classes: 10am – 12pm

[Parents of children in classes 1-4 are required to stay on site, and all other parents are also welcome to stay]


Children in classes 1-4: 10am – 12pm  [All parents are required to stay for the duration of their child’s stay]

Girls in classes 5-11: 10am – 12pm

Boys in classes 5-11: 10am – 12pm

Children should aim to arrive 15mins prior to the start time so that they can register and take part in any safety briefings as required.

Parents of children in classes 5-11 are welcome to stay on site for the duration of their child’s stay.

Medical: Whilst there will be first aiders on site, students should bring along their medication including inhalers, allergy medication etc.


Please complete the below form and payment to secure your child’s place: