Higher Education HABSMUN Conference

Dear Parents/Guardians

I am writing to invite your son/daughter to participate in a Model United Nations Conference hosted by Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School (HABSMUN) being held 16th to the 18th of March, 2018.

Model United Nations (MUN) is a form of debating in which students are required to debate global issues from the point of view of a particular country. Students are given a different country and it is their job to represent that country opinion on a particular issue in the most accurate manner. For example a student may be required to represent America’s view on the continual use of Guantanamo Bay despite it breaking the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  I have benefited from Model United Nations as my school offers us the opportunity to participate in a range of different conferences (A conference is a MUN competition held by a particular school. For example HABS hold their own conference called HABSMUN). As a result, I feel that in order to aid the development of public speaking in the community and political engagement, I would like to introduce MUN to Madrassa and the community in general. This would be aimed at the pupils between 14 and 18 from both the ladies and gents sections to participate at HABSMUN this year.

The students will be debating a wide range of issues pertaining to the committee they are allocated.

The cost of the conference is £35.00 per person. Please complete the form below confirming consent for your child and processing the payment of £35 by Tuesday 13th March, 2018.

The conference has a strict no alcohol and drug policy and thus any student caught in possession with any contraband will be expelled from the conference.

The timetable for the conference will be shared over the next few days, which states the timing of the conference. Delegates are to make their own way to the conference.

The address is:
The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School
Butterfly Lane, Elstree
United Kingdom

The dress code for the conference is suits and ties for Boys, and ‘smart’ for girls maintaining hijab.

I hope your child is able to attend this unique experience and will be the development in an interest in politics and enhance public speaking skills.

Yours faithfully,

Mahdi Karim                                                      Mukhtar Karim                                             Fatima Zahra Rehemtulla

HEDMUN co-ordinator                                  HED Head of Department                           Conference Manager

Consent Form