Tarbiyah Curriculum Training

The Training Course and what it Covers

In January of 2018, the S I Madressa adapted the MCE Tarbiyah Curriculum. As part of the adaptation of this new syllabus, teachers are required to undergo a 2-day curriculum training program. The training consists of one full day (9am – 5pm) and a second half day (9am – 2pm).

The training program outlines the Tarbiyah curriculum to the teachers, it’s key factors and different methods of teaching the curriculum effectively. The teachers then present a tarbiyah lesson to their peers on the second day of training known as the ‘Micro Teach’.

How did the Curriculum come about?

Following the successful Madrasah Retreat held in Dubai in February 2011, in which over 25 madaris from Europe, East Africa, Middle East, North America, India and Pakistan were represented, a strategy document was prepared for the Madrasah Agenda of the World Federation of KSIM Communities. The document was approved at the World Federation Conference in May 2011.

A key recommendation was the formation of a formal madrasah structure to ensure that the madrasah agenda is always at the forefront of our leaders and our global organisation. On the blessed night of Eid a Zahra a.s.1433, Islamic Education launched the Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE). Presentations were made in various Jamaats throughout the world with the assistance of regional secetariats.

Features of the Curriculum

– Important features of the curriculum

Practical Class Demonstration

– Practical class demonstration

Structure and Delivery of the Lesson

– How the text books are structured and how to use them to deliver your lesson

Lesson Guides

– Lesson guides available