Teacher Broadcast

Scroll down for the Teacher Broadcast Code

The broadcast feature allows teachers/HODs to send bulk emails to parents of students in batches they are associated with. Sent messages are displayed on the Broadcast page. Details can be viewed by clicking the message title.

To send a new Broadcast – Click on “New Broadcast” green button

Mailshots – Create a template, save it, and reuse every time you want to send a broadcast.

ATTENTION – You are addressing parents/guardians – please take care in language used. Ensure clarity in your message

On click on “New Broadcast” – you will see this page >>

  1. Select the Batches (=classes) you want to send to. (If you teach more than one class you will see these classes here and need to choose as relevant)
    1. HoDs: You will see ALL classes you are associated with
  2. Add Subject
  3. Add attachment if needed (PDF only, less than 5MB)
  4. Copy the Broadcast Template code below in the ‘SOURCE’ of the text editor (see instructions below)
  5. Click Send Broadcast when ready
    1. Click Save as mailshot if you want to reuse this as template for future mailshots

Copying the Broadcast Template code into the ‘Source’ of the Text Editor

For consistency in format using same template do the following:

  1. Click on ‘Source’ button (to insert code on the left pane)
  2. Copy the template formatting code below and then click ‘Source again’

You will see that the code you pasted has generated a friendly template. Here, you can change the class you are addressing, replace the ‘body text’ with your own body text, and sign off with your name.

Teacher Broadcast Code

<table align="left" border="0" style="width: 600px;"><tbody><tr align="left"><td>
<p><img alt="S I Madressa" height="126"
width="400" src="https://www.madressa.net/images/sim-logo.png" style="vertical-align: middle;"  /></p></td></tr><tr><td>

<p>Dear Parents/Guardians of Class X,</p>
<p>Salaamun Alaykum</p>
</td></tr><tr><td><p>Add body text here</p>
<p>Salaams &amp; Duas</p>
<p><strong>Class X Teacher(s)</strong></p></td></tr></tbody></table>