Salaamun Alaikum,

The Madressa is an Islamic educational endeavour of the Muslim community in north-west London that is led and run by volunteers.

We always want to hear from individuals who are keen on being involved with the Madressa in any capacity. This might be as:

– Teachers

– Teaching Assistants

– Learning Support Staff

– Professional teachers to help with Mentoring

– Car parking staff

– Strategic or logistical / operational support roles etc.

Training is provided to our teaching staff and all we request is that you are over 18 and passionate about your own personal development and about nurturing a love for our religion in our students.

If you are capable of providing at least at least 1-2 hours a week of your time (which equates to only 30 – 60 hours per year as we run for only 30 weeks in a whole year!), please complete the below form and will get in touch with you once we have reviewed your details.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

JazakAllah Khayr,
S I Madressa