Writing Competition 2018

We are proud to present our very first fiction writing competition. A competition created to challenge students, both experienced and inexperienced in writing, to attempt to write a short story.

Too often, books read by young Muslim teens revolve around characters whose lives are difficult to relate to. This competition gives these individuals a chance to tell a story from their point of view. Through a character that lives by their values and lifestyle.

Madressa students had a talk with two writers on 15th June 2018 to introduce them to the world of fiction writing.

Titles – There are two possible titles that the participant may use for the short story. Or, if neither titles are preferred, the participant may choose one of their own. The provided titles are as follows:

1) A voice not an echo

This is from the famous quote ‘be a voice not an echo’. The idea of the title is to inspire the writer to develop a story based on finding their own way, being true to who they are and standing out from the crowd. However, if the writer chooses to interoperate a different theme from this title that is perfectly acceptable.

2) The morning hours

This title comes from a name of a surah within the Qur’an that was revealed due to certain events that took place. Again, this is here to help inspire the students and help them with a story concept but it can be interprated however the participant chooses it to be.

Age Range –

This competition is open to all Madressa children of the ages 11-16

Word limits –

• Minimum: 1000 words

• Maximum: 4000 words

Criteria –

• The main character must be a practising Muslim. They must carry out all the wajib actions and live by the morals and values of Islam.

• The character will face a difficulty and, through the use of their religion in some manner, overcome it

• There is no decided genre, is it up to the writer as to which one they choose.

Prizes –

• The winner will receive a £50 cash prize.

• The winner will also have their story published in a book alongside the runners up. This will be sold in the jamaat at library.

• The runners up will have their story’s published into a book together. This will be sold in the jamaat library.

If you our your child are interested in taking part, please sign up here.

Deadline – 7th October

Submission & Queries – admin@madressa.net


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