Writing Competition 2018

We are proud to present our very first fiction writing competition. A competition created to challenge students, both experienced and inexperienced authors, to write a short story.

Too often, books read by young Muslim revolve around characters and story lines that don’t promote the same values we hold dear, characters we find difficult to directly relate to or story lines that we find challenge our Islamic morals. This competition gives the students a chance to tell a story from their perspective, through a character that lives by their values and lifestyle.

This is an opportunity to explore your imagination and see where it takes you. It is a chance to bring together a story that readers may find touching, eye opening or inspiring. Your story has the potential to cause a change in the reader, never doubt the power of the written word.


Titles –
To help our ‘Young Authors’ formulate a story, we have suggested two titles along with a brief suggested synopsis. However these are only a guide, you may use these suggestions or choose one of your own.  You May:


  • – Use one of the Titles and the suggested story line
  •       –  Use one of the Titles and your own story line
  • – Develop your own Title and Story line

– You may also use a story line of a famous personality in Islamic history to base your story on.

However all stories must conform to the following principles:

  1. The main character must be a practising Muslim. They must live by the morals and values of Islam.
  2.  The story must centred around a plot
  3. The choice of genre is optional, the writer may choose whichever one they’d like be it fantasy, action, historical, comedy etc
  • Word Limit

o   Minimum:        1000 words

o   Maximum:       4000 words

The suggested short story are:

1) A voice not an echo

This is from the famous quote ‘be a voice not an echo’. The idea of the title is to inspire the writer to develop a story based on finding their own way, being true to who they are and standing out from the crowd.

2) The morning hours

This title comes from a name of a surah within the Qur’an that was revealed due to certain events that took place. The character could face a great challenge that they feel they have no hope in overcoming. However, from seeing a sign from God, they find faith and overcome it.


  • The will be a number of independent judges
  • The Judges will be looking for creativity, imagination, originality and portrayals of Islamic morals
  • There will be 1 overall winner
  • The judge’s decision will be final


Prizes –

The winner will receive a cash prize of £50.
The winner and all runner ups will have their story published into a book

The book will be available for purchase at the Jamaat Library.

Entry Deadline –

21st October

Sign up link –

If you or your child are interested in taking part, please sign up through the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/296G282

Submission –



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