S I Madressa – Curriculum Request

  • Salaamun Alaykum. You are viewing this agreement because you are requesting access to an editable version of the current curriculum of ‘The Shia Ithna’asheri Madressa - London, UK’. The editable version of the curriculum is provided to organisations who wish to edit, modify, and/or enhance the curriculum, and in turn also provide feedback to the Administration of the S I Madressa so that the overall standard and quality of future notes can be improved. The S I Madressa will acknowledge and give due credit to any significant amendments it makes as a result of the feedback.


    The Madressa notes are a culmination of the hard work, research and design of numerous individuals from across the world. We would like to ensure that this development continues in order to ensure that all students are continuing to receive the best possible learning resource.


    The Madressa has developed a comprehensive curriculum of notes for students aged between 4 and 16. The Madressa has 4 Departments, (1) Akhlaq - Morals & Ethics (2) Fiqh/Aqa’id - Islamic Rules & Regulations (3) Tareekh - Islamic History (4) Qur'an - appreciation and understanding of the Holy Qur'an. The current Madressa syllabus is used widely around the globe, and on record we are aware of its usage in more than 30 different Madaris in 15 different countries.


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  • Please note, in providing the editable version of the notes, there is a possibility that fonts and image links will not be retained. As a result, we suggest using our PDF notes (click here to view) which retains the final layout, and has fonts and images embedded.

    If you have any comments, or suggestions, kindly email us on admin@madressa.net
    S I Madressa Administration