Disclosure & Barring Services (DBS) Information

The DBS Process is now entirely online and is required by law, for all volunteers.

Please note the following before Beginning the Process:

1. All Volunteers must submit an online application for 2016.

There are no exceptions, regardless of whether you have completed one with your school, or if you have completed one at SIM in the last 12 months. This is a new system that all volunteers must go through.

2. All applications MUST be submitted by the end of the month of February, 2016

To ensure all our volunteers are screened and abiding by the law, we must process applications as efficiently as possible. In order to do this, volunteers must abide by deadlines.

3. Upon submission of the online application, documents as evidence must be brought into the Madressa Administration office on Sunday for the office staff to review and scan.

A list of documents that you can bring is available once you login to submit your online application. We suggest, but do not limit you to; Passport, UK Driving License, Bank/Credit Card/Utility Statement which is recent (dated within three months of date of submission of application)


The Process:

1. Download the instruction guide here to ensure you enter the correct information on behalf of your voluntary status at the Madressa

2. Go to to login and submit your online application.

3. Gather your documents of evidence and bring them in to the Madressa Administration Office on the next Teaching Week Sunday (where Madressa is open)

If you have any queries, please email