End of Term 1 – EoYE & LOBS Review

Term 1


As we conclude Term 1, teachers are reminded of the End of Year Expectations and Learning Observations that must be completed.

1. Review Term 1 EoYE and LOBS, Formulate term 2 eoye

  1. Teachers are strongly encouraged to arrange meetings this Sunday, 2nd April, 2017 before or after their classes with other teachers in the same year group, teaching the same subject as them (for example, a Class 8A1 QA teacher would meet with QA teachers of Class 8A2, 8B1 and 8B2). The canteen (outside of break time) and the room next to the gents staff room (6th Form Room) is available to teachers throughout the day for their meetings. Administrative staff will be on site to support the meetings, please feel free to approach them.
  2. Review EoYE for Term 1. Did your class meet the expectations? If not, what challenges did you face?
  3. Review the process of LOBS and whether it worked effectively for your class. What challenges did you face? How can the process be improved for Term 2?
  4. Formulate Term 2 Objectives.

To ensure the above is delivered by the deadline of 15th April, 2017 each subject-year group has been assigned a lead. The lead is to oversee and proactively collaborate with the subject-year group members to then be able to summarise the outcome of points A-D. The lead will be the point of contact for the HoDs.

Year Group Quran Appreciation Morals, Ethics & History Beliefs & Actions
1-4 Head of Department Head of Department Head of Department
5 Sarfaraz Merali Zehra Ali-Khan Zainab Dossa
6 Zahra Jaffer Ismail Sukaina Datoo Fawzia Kanji
7 Muhammad Gulamhussain Aamir Jiwa Fatima Karim
8 Mustafa Merali Ruqayya Nanjiani Mustafa Walji
9 Nisar Visram Ali Khaki Zulekha Hirji
10 Shaheen Merali Shaheen Merali Mohamed Zamin Alidina

To view the full timetable click: Juniors | Ladies | Gents

2. Learning observations – individual submissions by 15th april, 2017

As per item 2 under ‘How will we observe learning in Madressa’ on the Learning Observations Procedure (click here – page 2) teachers are to complete a termly report on how each student is performing using the following descriptions: Weak, Average, Good, Very Good under the categories of ‘Knowledge & Understanding’, ‘Skills & Presentation’ and ‘Behaviour & Participation’.

To do this successfully please click here to view the guide on submitting these for each individual student under the ‘Report Card’ feature in your Teacher Portal

To further support your report writing, please see the link where there are examples on what teachers wrote last year. I am confident you will find wordings that may assist your input for your students. – https://www.madressa.net/report-cards-guide