Report Cards Guide

In line with our Madressa vision of Nurturing a community that exhibits the features of Ahlul-Bayt (AS)” it is important that teachers undertake observations of each student which will focus on key learning areas per student.

Twice in the Madressa Year, teachers are required to formulate a report on their Students’ overall progress for parents and co-teachers to see how students are progressing in the Madressa.

For the Year 2016 Term Report Cards will be written at the end of Term 2 (by 5th Jun) and end of Term 3 (11th Dec).

It is important that teachers undertake observations in class to assist in formulating the context of their reports per child, and to make note of any key information they would like to share with parents via the report cards.

As a result of undertaking these observations, there are two key aspects which both students and teachers will be able to directly benefit:

  1. The learning (including attitude towards learning) and progress of our students
  2. A self-evaluation for teachers to measure their efficacy in imparting key lessons

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