Teachers Skills Programme

The TSP is a three day program facilitated by Sayyid Aliraza Naqvi who has completed his Cert Ed (PTTLS, DTTLS and CTTLS) and is currently completing his Masters in Education.

The modules covered in the first two days of the programme include:

  • Why teach?
  • Role and responsibility of a madrasah teacher
  • Planning and planning skills
  • Inclusive learning
  • Assessment
  • Reflective practice and personal journal

Day three focuses on micro-teaching where participants get the opportunity to practice the skills they have learnt in the first two days and get valuable feedback from their peers as well as the facilitator.


Not all children learn in the same way. Where one may enjoy listening to a lecture, another may learn better via video clips or physical activities. It is the responsibility of the teacher to identify and cater to the diversity of learning styles.

Sometimes the inability to cater for the various learning styles leads to students not being interested. These, then, are addressed via behaviour management tools instead of making the lesson more dynamic or incorporating multiple learning styles.