Educare at SIM

What is Educare?

(Excerpt from Council of European Jamaats – Spiritual Academies Network Newsletter | Issue Dated: 13th October, 2016)

Educare is a market-leading UK provider of bespoke e-learning solutions and they work with agencies such as international schools, charities, the ambulance and fire service, and the NHS. They specialise in developing essential duty of care and safeguarding training which includes online learning programmes to help keep children, young people and adults safe from harm within an organisation.MCE (Madrasah Centre of Excellence) has taken the initiative to design a tailored safeguarding training program with Educare to meet the needs of our Madaris. The e-learning programmes consist of Health and Safety, Fire Safety, Preventing Bullying, and Safeguarding Children modules. Safeguarding training is important in organisations such as Madrasah. We are responsible for ensuring that our children within our Madrasah are not harmed in any way. It’s not only our moral but also legal duty to act prudently and this means that we must take all reasonable steps within our power to ensure we keep our children safe and if a situation arises, then we are well equipped and have the knowledge to deal with circumstances in the right manner.

Educare at the S I Madressa

The MCE (Madrasah Centre of Excellence) has recently made arrangements with the organisation Educare, to produce 4 bespoke online programmes. These are:

  • Child Protection Awareness
  • Preventing Bullying Behaviour
  • Health & Safety
  • Fire Safety

With this online platform now prepared, teachers should have received an email with login details and instructions on completing these online programmes.

At the S I Madressa Educare training is mandatory for every teacher and volunteer.

If you have any queries regarding the e-learning programmes, please email the SIM Office email.