Junior Qur’an Manuals

Part 1

Pages 1.4 – 1.7: Learning the Alphabet

Students will be tested on the Arabic Alphabet and presented with an Az-Zahra certificate if they pass.

Part 2

Pages 1.17: Understanding how letters join each other and which letters do not join

Pages 1.17 – 1.21: Practice joining letters

Part 1


Page 2.3: Fatha
Page 2.4: Kasra
Page 2.5: Dhamma

At the end of this the students ideally should know all the alphabet phonically and have understood the concept of Haraka

Part 2

Pages 2.6-2.10: Practice reciting words with Haraka

Part 1

Page 3.3: Introduction Sukoon
Pages 3.4 – 3.6: Practice reciting words with Sukoon
Page 3.7: Introduction to longer vowel sounds
Page 3.8: Practice recitation of words with longer vowel

At the end of this the students ideally should understand the concept of Sukoon, know how the “Alif”, “Yaa”, and “Waw” strengthen vowels and also understand the rules of Tanween.

Part 2

Page 3.9: Introduction to the Hamzah
page 3.10: Practice reciting words with Hamzah
page 3.11: Introduction to long vowels
page 3.12: Practice reciting word with long vowels
page 3.13: Introduction to maddah and silent letters
page 3.14: Practice reciting words with maddah and silent letters
page 3.15: Introduction to tashdeed
page 3.16: Practice reciting words with tashdeed.



Sukoon followed by Shaddah

Maddah & Tashdeed

Huruf al Muqatta’aat

Nun al-Qutni

Stops (Wuquf)