Staff Charter


Allah (swt) has selected us to pass on His religion to the next generation. This is a great privilege and honour bestowed on us by Him, so let us grasp this opportunity with both hands, wholeheartedly and with sincerity in the hope that maybe He will continue to turn favourably towards us, our families and our community. 

We are proud to be a part of the S I Madressa and wish to ensure that we fulfil our duties towards the students that we are teaching. To this end, to ensure that our students benefit to the highest extent possible, the following expectations are set out:


  • Be aware of & observe the Islamic Shari’a so that I may be seen as a role model by my students & peers.
  • Ensure that I abide by all the Madressa policies, procedures and guidelines especially those relating to Safeguarding and provide prompt responses to requests for information as well as allow the Madressa to access my DBS data whilst I am involved in the Madressa.
  • Schedule to commit between 1 and a half —2 and a half hours per week to the Madressa (about 1% of the available hours in one week).
  • Attend all training sessions as organised by the Madressa and as requested to attend by my HoD.
  • Attend Madressa diligently each teaching week without taking any unavoidable absences during term time. Whilst emergencies can’t be avoided, my main priority is my students and I will endeavour to always ensure that I strive to fulfil my responsibility towards them and their education
  • Adhere to the deadlines provided for me by the Administration, and my HoD (submitting test papers, marks etc.).
  • Ensure that I am at the Madressa in my Classroom 5-10 minutes before I am due to teach.
  • Be proactive in ensuring that my classroom is a healthy learning environment for my students and once I complete my lesson I will leave my classroom clean and tidy.
  • Come to my classroom with my lesson prepared, and ensuring that I have with me any resources or materials I may require.
  • Aim to meet the learning needs of all students in my classroom, including those with special learning needs and where necessary work with the Learning Support team so that all students may be able to derive benefit from my teaching.
  • Begin my class on time and end it on time so that no other teacher is inconvenienced.
  • Submit any requests for printing or IT equipment a minimum of two days prior to the date it is needed.
  • Treat all issues relating to student behaviour, progress and development as confidential and not share with anyone except those who need to know (i.e. Administration, HoD, LS etc.).