Staff Charter

We are proud of what the Madressa has achieved over the past 35+ years and proud to be part of this institution which aims to educate the mind, nourish the heart and nurture the soul.

Allah (swt) has chosen us to pass on His religion to the next generation. This is both a privilege & an honour bestowed on us by Him, so let us firmly grasp this opportunity wholeheartedly and with sincerity in the hope that maybe He will continue to turn favourably towards us, our families and our community

To this end, to ensure that all our students are able to benefit to the fullest extent possible,

I will…:

  • Be aware of & observe the Islamic Shari’a so that I may be seen as a role model by my students & peers.
  • Put aside at least 1.5 – 2 hours per week for Madressa to help plan my activities and deliver a good quality lesson to the highest possible standards.
  • Come to my classroom with my lesson prepared, and ensure that I have with me any resources or materials I may require.
  • Attend Madressa in good time each teaching week without any unavoidable absences during term time.
  • Begin & end my lesson on time so that no other teacher or parents are inconvenienced.
  • Aim to meet the learning needs of all my students, including those with special learning needs and where necessary work with the Learning Support team.
  • Be proactive in ensuring that my classroom is a positive learning environment for my students and leave my classroom clean and tidy.
  • Attend all training sessions as organised by the Madressa and as requested to attend by my HoD / YGL, and once I have committed to attend I will honour my commitment.
  • Treat all issues relating to students or my peers as confidential and not share them with anyone except those who need to know (i.e. Administration, HoD / YGL, LS etc.).
  • Work well as part of a team with other volunteers and staff and ensure that new staff feel welcome.
  • Respect all deadlines set out by the Management team, and / or my HoD / YGL including those relating to the provision of resources (printing / laptops etc).
  • Ensure that I abide by all Madressa policies, procedures and guidelines especially those relating to Safeguarding, Health & Safety, Equal Opportunities and provide prompt responses to requests for information.
  • Read the Madressa volunteer policy and comply with its policies & guidelines relating to my role which can all be found in the Madressa staff handbook.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of this charter further, please consult with your Head of Department / Year Group Lead.