EoYE & Learning Observations

As indicated on the 2017 Teachers Induction Day, in our quest to find an effective approach to evaluate the learning of our students the management team together with the Head of Departments have agreed to trial a different approach for 2017.

The key diference is that we are moving away from the traditinal end of year Tests and focus now more on undertaking continious Learning Observations [LOBS] during each term that will be driven by the End of Year Expectations [EoYE] that teachers will set themselves based on the content taught.

The driving ethos is that we should Support learning rather than judging achievement.

During the Induction Day the teachers completed the Term 1 EoYE which will be the basis of the LOBS eache teacher will undertake.

Below you will find the necessary documents to explain the EoYE & LOBS further:



TID Presentation

Sample LOB Grid

Each teacher will receive the LOB grid populated with the students name and the EoYE statements for term 1. These must be used by teachers to make ongoing comments on the observations made using the various activities to support the learning.

Your Head of Departments will also be in position to support you on an ongoing basis and answer any queries you may have.

As it is a trial for 2017 it is important that you share your feedback to your HoD so that we can evaluate the new approach.