Bullying Lesson Guidelines

SIM MEH Bullying Lesson: Teaching Guidelines May 2017

Teaching Aid: PowerPoint (Click Here to Download)


Alongside the many examples of exemplary behaviour exhibited by our students on a weekly basis, from time to time we have also witnessed the following behaviour from our students which requires our attention:

  • Name calling
  • Fighting
  • Racial / Ethnic abuse
  • Exclusion from group activity

The Madressa operates a zero-tolerance approach on bullying, but furthermore our faith invites us to unite and to resist actions that will divide us – see appendix 1, 2 & 3 for a selection of verses from the Quran supporting the Madressa’s vision for a strong, cohesive and united community.


On Sunday 21st May 2017, we would like all MEH staff in all classes to impart a minimum of a 15-minute lesson on bullying type behaviours as outlined above. The lesson should encompass:

  • the nature of a bully
  • the perspective of the victim
  • the importance of the bystander

This does not need to be extensive at this stage as we are only looking to introduce and inform our students that we want them to be conscious of the impact this behaviour has on themselves and others.


Please see the following resources to help you plan for your lesson, but feel free to use other age and Madressa appropriate materials:

Verbal bullying activity
On a piece of paper, ask children to draw a heart and cut it out, colour it and make it attractive (if you dont have scissors and such resources then just get them to draw it). Get them to observe how smooth and clear the heart is. Then ask them to write something someone had said to them that had hurt their feelings (be prepared for some offensive language and remind children that they will not say out loud these words). Next, ask them to crumple their hearts and explain that is the effect of mean words on our hearts – even when you unfold and straighten the heart, the creases will always remain. So we should be careful not to be the ones to put a crease on someone’s heart.

You can also register for free with TES to get more resources for both primary and secondary age groups https://www.tes.com

Madressa Initiative

The Madressa will enable a student email address where students can email anonymously to report acts of bullying they have witnessed or to request support. This email is supportme@madressa.net. All queries will be dealt with confidentially.

We are also looking at having boxes in various locations on site for students to provide details of issues concerning them.

Queries / Concerns

If there are any queries or concerns, please contact your head of department in the first instance or your year group co-ordinator on the respective gents & ladies side.